Album: Gleichschritt (2011)

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Song: Terror

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Neuron is a new band from Kiel, Germany, which, with a slightly different line-up, already released an album in 2000 under the former name Fleischwolf. After Fleischwolf called it quits, an even filthier bastard of crustcore, grindcore and deathmetal started off.

The aim was clearly defined: to play simple, brutal, political in-your-face music that ought to be unique as well as impressive. So the band wrote songs that create an aggressive atmosphere, combined with roaring statements on a fucked up world.

And as if that weren't enough, "Gleichschritt", the debut full-length from German socio-political grinders Neuron, blends textbook grindcore mastery with just the right amount of death metal - which should please anyone who thinks the idea of classic Brutal Truth battling against the early days of Pestilence while the best Polish grindcore acts of the last five years cheer them on sounds like a good time. (And trust me, it does!) These guys used to be called Fleischwolf but changed their name after a slight lineup change, and I'm damn glad they kept at it, because when those German grindcore bands hit their stride they don't screw around. This fuckin' thing unloads 16 tracks that average about two-and-a-half minutes apiece and churn out relentless change-ups between traditional speeds and subtly fucked up arrangements that remain memorable while still tossing around dissonant chord phrasings and excellently strained vocals (in German, though English translations are provided). I sincerely hope this band starts garnering more attention, because this is without a doubt some of the most impeccably ferocious grindcore I've heard in a long time. Great songs, great recording. I'm all over this one!